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Shipping And Delivery From China - The Basics
"If I order Car electronics from koolerbuy, how will you ship them to me? How much is delivery? And how long will it take?"
Koolerbuy currently ships small and medium sized orders by international courier.

The shipping rates can be automatically computed and directly displayed on product pages. Customer just need to choose their country/regions, additional options. Do not need to register or log in.

The final shipping method is based on actual conditions and our system will automatically select one for you.

Occasionally we have to change the courier you have selected because of regional restrictions, but if the courier is changed later you won't be charged extra.

"Are the packages insured?"
Shipping with couriers is insured and trackable online. Once your goods are sent out we will email you the tracking number so you can trace your delivery. In rare cases of lost packages or mis-delivery, Koolerbuy will offer full assistance and if necessary make insurance claims in your place while shipping replacements to you.
"How long will it take to ship items to me?"
There is no single answer to this question: delivery time (like shipping costs) depends entirely on the items you ordered, the size of the order, and the destination. The majority of orders arrive at our customers within 10 days of placing an order online(3-8 days in most cases). Depending on what you order, your goods could arrive in a shorter timeframe than that.
If you are a drop-shipping to your customers, e.g. for an Ebay auction sale, we strongly recommend that you buy one sample of the product shipped to yourself to find out the delivery process timeframe and possible import taxes. If you are dropshipping from Koolerbuy, you also need to bear in mind that Customs clearance in your country could add delays and taxes/fees for the recipient, so check with your local Customs, chat to Koolerbuy about it, and make sure you are up front about this with your end customers.
If there are longer delays with an order for some reason, we will contact you. If you are concerned that an order is taking too long to deliver, please contact us quoting your order number and we will get back to you quickly.
If you need to specify your shipping method, please contact us, but that will delay your order confirmation, delivery speed will be affected.
"I have an account with DHL / FedEx / UPS - please can you bill the shipping to their account?"
Currently this service is not available. However if you have a forwarder in China or Hong Kong we can arrange for them to collect the goods from our warehouse in order to use their shipping methods.
"What if I am making a large / bulk order?"
We will provide you with personal customer service for large volume wholesale orders and discuss the shipping options fully.