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Standard RMA Procedure

The standard return procedure are as follows:

1.The customer sends us an email detailing the order number, product name / item model , and nature of the problem. 
2.Our clerk replies to propose solutions, and clarifies the issue.
3.Customer replies with further details if available.
4.We verify and step to returning process. We will send you the eletronic RMA Form, and you have to download, fulfill and return it together with the products.
5.Customer returns the goods by normal post by the instructions on the RMA form.
6.We receive the returned goods and technicians check the products.
7.We offers a report to the customer. We will arrange repair as soon as possible if necessary.
8.The repaired goods are re-checked by Koolerbuy technicians. Most basic repairs are completed within one week.
9.If all is fixed, the repaired goods are packaged securely sent out back to the customer. 
10.The repaired goods are received by the consignee as a normal order.

If you have any questions during this process, please feel free to contact us