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How fast can I get the item i orderd
How long does it take to deliver the goods?
  • The time from when you pay, to the time when you (or your customer) receives the goods, is typically 4-10 days except temporary short of stock, or listings that have special notice about estimated time of handling.
  • Order processing, warehouse picking and packing, and dispatch: same day or 2 business day for orders up to 5pcs (For big order, buyers need to contact us for handling time first).
Current delivery times for different express companies:
  • DHL, UPS: 2-5 days to deliver to world major cities.
  • EMS, EUEXP: 4-8 days to deliver to world major cities.

If you need help tracking your delivery, or have concerns about a delivery time, we'll be on hand to answer your questions. Please contact us at service@koolerbuy.com

Can you ship my products today?

Most items listed on koolerbuy.com have stocks, which means they are ready to be shipped. However, as deals occur every hour, the stocks inventory changes frequently. So if you are urgent to get the item, we have suggestions for you:

1. Contact us to be sure if the item you are interested in has enough stocks currently.

2. check how long you can complete the payment.

3. provide detailed information that is required by Koolerbuy and Courier, such as Phone Number, detailed & correct shipping information. For buyers from Brazil and choose DHL courier, the CPF code(tax code) must be provided.

4. leave message during checkout saying that the due time of shipment you expect.

5. We can confirm to ship your package within 24 business hours only if your situation meets requirements of:
(1). requirements of 1-4 steps are ok.
(2). payment made by HSBC bank or Western Union is confirmed by our staff; or payment made by paypal is confirmed, and your paypal account is verified and the shipping destination of the item is the same as your paypal address (repeated resellers and drop-shippers are exceptions).
(3).It is Koolerbuy’s working time. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be processed with priority on following Monday.