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Problems of not as described

"I Bought Something From Qualir, But You Delivered Me the one that is not as described"

If there seems to be a problem like this, you'll need to contact us and provide us your order number and the details of the problem.

In very rare cases when incorrect items were sent or the item description was substantially incorrect at the time you ordered it:

1. We'll confirm the details of the problem with you.
2. If it is us who made the mistake, we'll refund your original shipping fee after we received the original product.
3. When we receive the returned item, we'll send out the correct item at no additional charge, or give you credit for that item if you want to add it into a future order.
4. If you want a replacement immediately, you should create and pay for a new order for the correct item. When we get the returned item from you we will credit or refund you for it.

In addition, We might negotiate with you about possibility of accepting the 'wrong' item at a reasonable reduced price, since that can solve the problem with the least hassle.

Situations that will be not be regarded as not-as-described case:

1. Quair does not describe some functions in the item's description, but buyer thought that the item they bought should have. We have been striving to provide as detailed description as possible, but  still, some specific functions concerned by a few buyers are not confirmed by Qualir. Qualir is only responsible for functions that have been stated on website. If you could not find the functions that you are concerned with in the title/ description/ specifications/ real pictures, please do not hesitate confirm with us before purchase.

2. The real item buyer received has little difference on GUI(Graphical User Interface),buttons, appearance, accessories, user manual content, etc, but no functions in the description are missing. This is because the manufacturer will update/improve the item irregularly( without notifying us), and this change is thought to be better for buyer.  If you care about certain points of the item you are going to purchase, you can contact us us for sure
3. Also, some items on Koolerbuy.com may have more functions than in the description. We will not regard the additional more functions not mentioned as not-as-described