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I received totally the wrong item

"I Bought Something From Qualir, But You Delivered Me Something Else"

If Qualir sent you the wrong item...
If Qualir sent you the right item, but its specification / functions are different to what they should be...

...If there seems to be a problem like this, you'll need to contact us and provide us with your order number and the details of the problem.

We'll solve your problem as follows:

1. We'll confirm the details of the problem with you.
If we made a mistake, we'll refund your original shipping fee, so you can use that money to send the incorrect item back to us in China.

2. When we receive the returned item, we'll send out the correct item at no additional charge, or give you credit for that item if you want to add it into a future order.

3. If you want a replacement immediately, you should create and pay for a new order for the correct item, and when we get the returned item from you we will credit or refund you for it.