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  • Koolertron F1002 Canvas DSLR Shoulder Bag For Sony Canon Nikon Olympus
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Koolertron F1002 Canvas DSLR Shoulder Bag For Sony Canon Nikon Olympus Reviews

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  • by Chris Forman

I'd outgrown my small Lowepro bag and it was time to upgrade, but I didn't want a traditional bag that screams "CAMERA BAG! STEAL ME!" so I started to look at canvas messenger bag styles. I wanted a Billingham, but I didn't want to spend the price of a macro lens on it. Domke was nice, but also pricey. I saw this one and the size seemed right.

It is a bit bigger than I'd envisioned, but I don't usually walk around with a camera bag. Most times I simply go out with one lens on the camera and have at it. I needed a bag to travel with and it is a good carry-on size, and fits well in the car. It fits my Nikon D7000, three prime lenses, an SB400 flash, my 13 inch MacBook, my iPad, a Coolpix 6200 and all of the chargers and connectors for same with room left over. I canibalized an old Tamrac bag for extra inserts (they were even the same color) to give more protection. If I take out the insert I could use it as a small overnight bag should I need to flee the country.

It wasn't a Koolerton, but rather a Courser bag that I got. No big deal as neither is a name brand. The build quality looks good and it should wear nicely. On a side note, I loved the bad translation in the product description of the product.

  • by Rex Watson

This bag is better than I expected it to be. The color is brilliant, the size is perfect (not too big and bulky, but big enough to house my camera body and lens with plenty of extra space). The moveable dividers are awesome.