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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Brian Raphael

Everything I expected!! Love It! Excellent material and comfortable to carry around. If you are going to travel and you need a bag where you can put your camera on and many things more, stop looking! You've just find it!!!

  • by Leigh

The bag is well crafted with impressive canvas and leather prints. Materials used in construction are of the finest quality. It has enoug pockets and punched to carry cables and memory cards, and filters. Love, love, love..

  • by Betty

I was looking for a camera bag that wasn't made of nylon and didn't look like everything else on the market. The bag also had to be functional and keep my camera safe as well. This bag has been perfect for me thus far.

  • by Jason S. Jones

- Very sturdy bag
- Holds up to 5 lenses and 1 body in the bottom area (plenty of room for your gear)
- Room for other gear in the top portion (I was able to pack all of my camera gear and clothes for the weekend)

- Heavy; Since this is canvas, it's definitely not a light-weight bag, but it's sturdy and reliable
- Large bag; as others have said, this is a large bag. I'm a bigger guy, so I have no issues (in fact I think it's great); however, I couldn't see a smaller person using this comfortably

  • by Tamsin Blanchard

As a professional photographer, I've been through my share of camera bags . . .but for an upcoming overseas trip, I needed something that wouldn't be cumbersome and will fit my equipment and iPad. Now, I have to admit, I was somewhat nervous about placing this order because it would be coming from Hong Kong, so I placed it in plenty of time to receive before my trip. Aside from that . . .it's a hundred dollars cheaper than anything even sort of comparable, in the US.I'm exceptionally pleased with this bag and the quick shipping time.

  • by Sam Dodd

Emm, almost two weeks pasted since I received this bag, and during this time I had a short travel to my grandpa's home. I didn't take tripod but only one camera and two lens, so it is slightly big for a short travel or hiking but would be nice for long time or distance travel.

  • by vint

This camera bag is everything I hoped it would be. Only curious thing is that some days ago,my friend bought one from amazon,receive the label says "Courser" instead of Koolertron and there is what I think is a goofy little horse logo on it.this is real koolertron camera bag that I want.Bag is very well made.