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  • by keith hogan

It protects my iPad 2 wonderfully, and it's a great fit. Both cameras, all controls, headphone jack and speaker are accounted for in the design, and I don't think I'll ever have to take it out of this well-designed case.

  • by Julie Rooney

The case is high quality with stitching around it that sets it off just so perfectly.

  • by Emily Engstrom

Love, love the color pink, not only is it pink, but it protects my iPad on all sides. I feel sure that if I would drop it, my iPad would survive.
The cover fits my iPad perfectly, all the buttons you want exposed on your iPad are exposed. You won't have to feel around trying to find the on off switch because the case like I said.... fits perfectly.

  • by Niki Greb

Beautifully crafted top quality leather case which fits the functionality of the iPad 2 perfectly. Everything is fully accessible and the iPad is completely protected. This is the top-of-the-line iPad 2 case for business use or the busy student.

  • by karen

I got this cute pink case cover for my ipad3. Great fit. Then i put my iPad 3 in the case and it fit so well. I am buying a few more of these.Recommand!

  • by lucy

Very useful and protect iPad. Screen sheet is good too. Quality is not bad with price. I recommend it. It arrived quickly,I loved the product of great quality would buy again