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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Janet Rice

Bought this case as a gift with the Nexus 7 and my friend loved it. It is made very well and it works great and looks really good. Would buy another one of these when and if needed.

  • by Johnnie Bates

This case makes handling and using my google nexus infinitely easier. The elastic band on the back of the case is awesome. You will not be disappointed.

  • by Kari Flores

It fits my nexus very well. Excellent protection for it. Strong enough to hold the tablet to watch videos. It looks really nice

  • by Razvan Carney

I really wanted to like this case. It adds just enough bulk to the tablet and looks great. However, the magnets in the cover work a little too well and it puts the tablet to sleep if the cover touches the tablet while you're still using it. The other major thing that is preventing me from loving this case is that the kickstands function doesn't hold my tablet up and it falls over very easily.

  • by Victoria Ross

I LOVE my bright grey koolertron hardback case!!! With it I feel that my google 7 is very well protected. It is able to stand at a tilt or lay flat. I would highly recommend this product.