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  • Koolertron F2001 Canvas DSLR SLR Camera Backpack Rucksack Bag with Rain Cover for Sony Canon Nikon Olympus
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Koolertron F2001 Canvas DSLR SLR Camera Backpack Rucksack Bag with Rain Cover for Sony Canon Nikon Olympus Reviews

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  • by GMontana

As a true camera bag junkie, I have a closet-full of camera-bags of various shapes and sizes. Some were bought when I wanted to carry my entire kit, to this one, bought recently, which can accommodate what I really need - a camera with a general purpose lens, a specialty lens, a flash, and the other bits that one carts around. As well, while traveling, I always take a couple sachets of headache pills, a few band-aids, antiseptic cream etc. You never know.

The first thing for me was to reduce its weight. So I removed the heavy metal rigs that seemed to serve no functional purpose, by cutting off the fabric where the rings were sewn to the bag. It's really best buy.

  • by dulac cindy

I have never owned a camera bag as good as this one!! I love the look of it!!! I love how sturdy and tough the material feels and the ruggedness it appears. I've looked everywhere for a camera bag that didn't look like a camera bag because I don't feel comfortable showing expensive camera gear to the public. This bag looks like it's more for traveling and hiking which it can be for that too!!!! This backpack truly amazes me for a camera backpack!! I have never been impressed by other camera backpacks because they always look ugly or stiff, or bulky looking. But not this one!!!! This canvas bag is comfortable on my back and the straps feel very soft on my shoulders and this is truly a very good looking rugged canvas bag with heavy duty zippers and a nice feel to it!!! I can't say enough good things about it!! I'm very happy with this purchase and I hope to get many, long uses out of this backpack!!! And not only is the bag everything I hoped for, the shipping was fast as well!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  • by zhashereese nash

I bought this koolertron camera bag first time, I don't expect so much, because I haven't heard the brand before. However, I am pleasantly surprised to it's quality, sturdy, leight weight.

  • by Judy Smith

Four & a half stars. A well-made and practical backpack for photographers. As lightweight as this backpack is, I am surprised at how sturdy it is.The surface on inside and out is quality. Not the cheap fabric you find in a lot of similar packs.

  • by michele

If you looking for a bag which light weight and durable for your camera, maybe this canvas backpack is a great choice.

  • by chris tomas

I Like Koolertron Camera Bags,this is real koolertron,The build quality looks good and it should wear nicely. The quality of this bag is exceeding my expectation,This is exactly what I was looking for.recommand strongly