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  • Koolertron F1002 Canvas DSLR Camera Shoulder Bag For Sony Canon Nikon Olympus
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Koolertron F1002 Canvas DSLR Camera Shoulder Bag For Sony Canon Nikon Olympus Reviews

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  • by Jody Cross

This bag is so nice! The padding inside the bag is perfect, I have no worries that my camera will not be protected. I can fit my CANON EOS REBELT3I with lens. I wanted something casual to match my attire when traveling, as well as something discrete. Theres lots of pockets for my phone, cards, money, etc. This purchase exceeded my expectations and I plan on having this bag for a long time!! Love it!

  • by H.Brown

I love everything about this bag. There is a lot of storage space! I don't think the pictures do it justice. It holds all my camera gear with plenty of space to spare. It is sturdy, comfortable to wear and looks great. It is hard to pick a camera bag by the photos. This one has exceeded my expectations.

  • by Miltos Aguilar

Bag is outstanding and I love it, my Daughter loved the look of it also...
It loads great, I did add a soft cushion on top , but its NOT needed...
I recommend for the casual shooter, ,,,
I would recommend a small Rain Cover ...

  • by Martine Robert

I tried to pack my Canon 7d, 70-200mm lens and 24-70mm lens in the padded insert. Well good luck with that. My 70-200mm wont fit laying down or standing up. Maybe if I take the padded insert out everything would fit. The padding does not fill up the complete bag. Maybe I got a bag with the wrong insert?

  • by aurelio galbraith

The product what exactly what I wanted and more. I wanted a light but durable bag to carry my camera equipment in with no hassle. It has 4 large pockets for storage and I was able to fit my Nikon D5100 with a 70-300mm lens in one of three compartments, then two other lens in the other two. It is extremely easy and comfortable to carry. And feels very secure. Love it!

  • by donna Thomas

I'd outgrown my small Lowepro bag and it was time to upgrade, but I didn't want a traditional bag that screams "CAMERA BAG! STEAL ME!" so I started to look at canvas messenger bag styles. I wanted a Billingham, but I didn't want to spend the price of a macro lens on it. Domke was nice, but also pricey. I saw this one and the size seemed right.

It is a bit bigger than I'd envisioned, but I don't usually walk around with a camera bag. Most times I simply go out with one lens on the camera and have at it. I needed a bag to travel with and it is a good carry-on size, and fits well in the car. It fits my Nikon D7000, three prime lenses, an SB400 flash, my 13 inch MacBook, my iPad, a Coolpix 6200 and all of the chargers and connectors for same with room left over. I canibalized an old Tamrac bag for extra inserts (they were even the same color) to give more protection. If I take out the insert I could use it as a small overnight bag should I need to flee the country.

It wasn't a designer bag, it was koolertron but rather a Courser bag that I got. No big deal as neither is a name brand. The build quality looks good and it should wear nicely. On a side note, I loved the bad translation in the product description of the product.

  • by Stephen Baluch

It doesn't look like a camera bag and here is what I have in it without being a weight distraction:
1 Canon Elan 7 35mm body
28-105mm lens for Elan
17-35mm lens for Elan
1 Canon T3i body
18-55 lens for T3i
55-250 lens for T3i
Cable release for both
7 filters
10 rolls of film
This is perfect for hiking. It is about 1.5x the size of an NFL football in this configuration. I'll be attaching my portable tripod to this for trips, and it won't be a problem at all.

  • by Miltos Dellios

Work well with my Nikon D7100 and 16 35f4 & 50 1.8d. Eaisly accomplish the work of one or two day hiking and outdoor sports.

  • by chris

So much more than I expected! It is a huge bag that carries my camera and three lenses with room to spare.durable and lots of padding. My only complaint would be that it is slightly big for the purpose of just carrying one DSLR with one lens but perfect for multiple lenses and other gadgets.

  • by sande

This bag is amazing,I bought it for a trip,It works very well and it is beautiful, The material is great and it has a vintage looking,ship from china,very quickly.The camera fits very well and it has plenty space for a second lens, or other stuff.I'll buy again if need