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  • Koolertron F2002 Green Canvas DSLR SLR Camera Backpack Rucksack Bag with Waterproof Rain Cover
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Koolertron F2002 Green Canvas DSLR SLR Camera Backpack Rucksack Bag with Waterproof Rain Cover Reviews

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  • by Yvonne Mason

Really great bag. I love the flexibility it provides. It protects my gear without the bulk. Fits my D700 and 2-3 lenses pretty snuggly with a few extra pockets for a pen, chap-stick and my wallet. The D40 fits great in it with plenty of room to spare. No complaints.

  • by Roxanne Wells

I carry my canon 7D with this bag, it hides them from prying eyes. It is also practical for day hiking. The insert makes the camera safe. I was surprised to find a large waterproof cover inside.

  • by Stuart Manning

Just received it today and I love it. It looks just like in the picture and the straps feel like they are very strong and durable. I can't wait to wear it to our next field trip.

  • by Nicole

Meets with my approval. It's pretty much what I wanted in style and appearance. The one thing I'd change is the upper portion to allow a bit more room for travel accessories.

  • by derrick Brown

It's relatively lightweight, and I love the waterproof cover stashed at the bottom, in case it starts to rain. And to top it all off, it looks good; it has that worn, comfortable look and feel.

I've had quite a few bags, but this one tops then all. HIGHLY recommended.

  • by Peggy Fealy

For one, the case was larger than I had expected; for two it took two weeks to Egypt, and for three, i don't like the actual color.

  • by Adalmo Mesquita

The one and only review on this bag was enough to get me to purchase it for myself. I was a little worried with it coming out of here, but I received my bag in less than a week and I am in love with it! The canvas looks great, it's soft and it comes with two dividers so you can either hold your camera and a lens or three pockets for lenses if you like. There's plenty of pockets inside the bag and outside, so I can put my accessories, extra batteries, SD cards, charger and notebook in it together. I like the colors because they're neutral and go with almost anything I wear. The bag will not be as flat once you put your equipment inside of it, but it totally works for my Canon T3i and I have suggested this product to many friends now.

  • by Jerry

I received this bag two days ago, wow,, it was a big suprise, great quality, great deal.